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Ipv Delft is a Dutch design and engineering office. We specialise in infrastructure, large-scale cycle, road and pedestrian bridges and bicycle infrastructure related research, advice and feasibility studies.

Our team comprises of professionals from the field of product design, architecture, lighting design, civil engineering and industrial design. We combine technical solutions with a large dose of creativity and always keep sight of costs, durability, functionality and user comfort.

We believe a strong design can’t come about without a vision. We focus on simplicity, structural efficiency and functionality and create elegant and logical designs with a timeless quality. Iconic if necessary, always without frills.

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cycle and pedestrian bridges

Cycle and pedestrian bridges are part of the public space. Therefore, a well-designed bridge can hugely improve the appearance and attractiveness of public space. At the same time, bridges fulfil a need within the existing bicycle and pedestrian network, people can get from A to B more easily. Our aim is to design well-functioning bridges on both fronts. Finding ways to fit a new bridge into its surroundings and the existing network is one of our specialities.

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road bridges

For us, the challenge in designing a road bridge is to come up with something that is cost effective and structurally efficient, and has a sense of timeless beauty at the same time. There usually is less freedom of design compared to cycle and pedestrian bridges, but detailing, choice of material and structural design offer us plenty of opportunities to combine our design and engineering qualities and create a unique, inspiring bridge design.

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feasibility and design studies

The construction of a new bridge or piece of infrastructure is usually preceded by a series of choices and decisions. One of our specialities is helping clients make these necessary choices by giving them insight into the various options and possibilities. That’s where feasibility and design studies come in.

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